Booking a Campsite

The easiest way to book a site is to go to  There is a video at the end of this post that you might find helpful..

  1. Click on the box 2022 Rates and Reservations
  2. There is a large black button.  Click on it.
  3. Book Your Site opens in a new window.
  4. Read the statement in the pop-up.   Click the blue box to accept these policies.
  5. The site descriptions and prices of the units are below the map.
  6. Use the Stay Rangein the upper left to click on your dates arriving and leaving.
  7. In the same box, select the type of unit you want.  Equipped Sites are listed as rental unit.
  8. Click on the site you want on the map using the map key showing availability.  You can go back to our page to read more about the sites and to view pictures.
  9. Follow the rest of the instructions for payment.
Type of SiteFor More Information
Equipped Site a.k.a. Rental Unit
RV Site
Tent and Trailer Site

This video will guide you through making a reservation.