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Stays may not begin on Saturday. All weekend stays must include 3 nights.
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Farmhouse Rental

Available Nightly for $225 Pastors stay midweek for $75

Volunteer and Camp Season Dates for Summer 2023

Volunteer activities and camp dates are summarized here.
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Rates, Reservations and Cancelation Policy for 2023

Whole week reservations open on January 2.
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Volunteers Wanted!

Volunteers make Kingswood possible.
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Being a Volunteer Manager and Employment Opportunities at Kingswood

Ever consider being a manager? program director? lifeguard?
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Welcome Home

Kingswood is a 766 acre site nestled in the Catskill Mountains at Hancock, New York. Huge forests, open fields, stunning views, and rolling hills create a breathtaking backdrop for an unforgettable adventure.

In addition to our amazing, fully-equipped campsites, Kingswood offers a selection of tent and trailer sites for a classic camping experience, plus fully connected RV sites.

Kingswood Campsite is a quiet, natural setting in which the development of positive, cooperative experiences are encouraged. This setting provides opportunities for community: strengthening of families, giving back through volunteering, nurturing of friendships, renewing of spirit, and growing in respect for God’s Creations.