Fully Equipped Campsites

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Kingswood’s equipped campsites are the perfect way to enjoy a classic camping experience without inconvenience. The spacious 14’x16′ cabin tent is on a dry wood deck and contains 6 bunks. All you bring is sleeping gear and groceries. Each of these sites is ‘camping-ready’. A 16′ x 16′ covered shelter has a table for 8. All camp gear is provided, including a covered fireplace, propane stove, ice chest and a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. See a complete list here! Fresh well water is available at all sites. Equipped campsites are ideal for first-time campers, family campers and groups. Select any site below to learn more and reserve.

Overlook is wonderful; Eagle is private; Cove is a delight; Orchard has the best sky at night view; Hogan is woodsy and Maples is cozy.

-Elizabeth, Camper

Cove (left) »

This site happens to be the second closest campsite to the Oasis. Deer have been seen grazing close by the border of this site during the summer.

Cove (right) »

Cove (right) is at the top of the hill on the road going up from the lake. A cove is defined as a small sheltered recessed area in the shoreline.

Deertrails »

Deertrails is the closest site to the Oasis. So, for the camper who needs to be close to hot running water, a flushing toilet, and a shower, this is the site for you.

Eagle I »

Eagle-1 is beyond words. You are at the far outreaches of the equipped sites. You are also close to the Stone Ministry. It is a very beautiful site that is very quiet.

Eagle II »

Eagle II is our most isolated site. You are far from the hustle and bustle and surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Hogan (left) »

The first thing you come to is the tent. The dining area is deeper in. The campfire area is on the other side of the dining area. Peace and quiet indeed!

Hogan (right) »

Like a church for Christians or a mosque for Muslims, the Hogan of the Navajo is a sacred building for religious ceremonies.

Maples (left) »

With a name like Maples, you would expect to be surrounded by maple trees, right? Well, that just happens to be the case.

Maples (right) »

Maples (right) is across from Maples (left) which is just up the hill from the Oasis.

Orchard (by the road) »

Orchard (by the road) is the other side of Orchard that has room to romp! Basically, you step right out of your tent into a beautiful field of grass.

Orchard (over the wall) »

Orchard (over the wall) is a pretty unique campsite. It has a large common field with a fire pit that is shared with its' neighbor Orchard (by the road).

Overlook (far) »

Do you love an awesome view? If you do, Overlook (far) is the site for you. Tucked away near the top of a hillside, you will find peace and privacy here.

Overlook (near) »

Do you want a site that is close to the oasis, has room to spread out a bit, and has a super view? Well, Overlook (near) may be the place for you.

Spruce I »

Spruce I has a raised wood platform for your tent, a picnic table, and a covered cooking area.

Spruce II »

Spruce II has a raised platform for your tent, a picnic table, and a covered cooking area.

Tamarack »

Tamarack is the first equipped campsite going up the hill from the lake. It is easy walking distance to boating, crafts, the outdoor chapel, the swim area, and the lake camp fire area.

The Pines (Access-Friendly Site) »

If you have had knee surgery, a hip replaced, walk with a cane or walker, had back surgery, or anything else that affects your ability to walk on uneven surfaces or for long distances, The Pines may be just what the doctor ordered!