Manager, Lifeguard and Program Director

Becoming a Manager

The manager is a volunteer position that requires a few summers of training. There is a $240 weekly stipend to cover expenses.

Training begins with learning as much as you can about Kingswood while attending at least 3 setup/take down weekends. You learn about the procedures, the waterlines, vehicles and meet lots of people. During your first summer you are mentored by a manager for a week. The following summer you are in charge, but your mentor is still on site. Then you are ready to take on the job on your own.

Lifeguard at Kingswood

This position starts June 28th and goes through September 2nd.  It has been a 9-week position, but we are open to hiring persons for several weeks at a time, rather than for the entire summer. 

If you or someone you know is Red Cross certified, or an avid swimmer interested in getting Red Cross certification, and at least 18 years old, please contact us. The lifeguard stays in one of the cabins on site and works 6 hours per day – 6 days per week.  The job includes cleaning of the bathhouse and maintaining the swimming and boating areas as well as four hours of guarding per day. 

Program Director

The program director develops, sets up, and delivers programs for campers which provide activities for families and opportunities for community building among campers.  The job also includes speaking to each family (or camping group) to provide a welcome, gather camper information, answer questions and communicate essential information.

In the days before camp opens, the program director is on site to set up these programs, organize the common areas of the barn (games and books, etc.), design bulletin boards, set up the barn Nature Center with new displays and activities.

Other duties include:

Update and stock the Nature Center activity area, the barn game area, the upstairs barn sports area, and the craft area so these common spaces feel welcoming to campers.

Keep the labyrinth, prayer trail, and nature trail current. 

Update the site books annually.

Communicate with and work cooperatively with managers and lifeguard to provide a well-coordinated, welcoming camping experience, including enforcing rules.

Remain at camp after Labor Day to take inventory and store equipment and supplies for the winter.