Kingswood Campsite

Kingswood Campsite

Volunteer Work Events – 2017

The 2017 Set-up Crew

September 8-10

Take-Down Weekend for All, Families and Friends For more information contact: Tim Shenk and Alicia Swords or 315-706-6368

Register here to volunteer.  This will let us know how many meals you’ll be eating with us and where you’d like to stay.


Other Important Dates/Events

Men’s Work Weekend coming in October!

Notes: 2017 Special days: Mother’s Day is May 14th.  Memorial Day is May 29th.  Father’s Day is June 18th.  Labor Day is September 4th.  Columbus Day is October 9th. 


Take-Down 2015 Pics

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Memorial Day 2015 Pics