Meet the Administrative Team

Fall 2021 began with a new administrative model for Kingswood.  The job behind the scenes to keep Kingswood moving forward for the next season is massive. It is now shared among four people. 

Lynn Grainger is the administrative director. The website, getting the reservation system up and running for the upcoming season, answering general questions, booking the farmhouse and keeping everyone who needs to know in the loop of communication are some of Lynn’s responsibilities.. 

From Lynn, “I began coming to Kingswood during the summer of 2015 for welding camp, the first summer I had an empty nest. Since then I have enjoyed camping in my RV and in equipped sites.  Little by little my family and some friends have come along and enjoyed Kingswood with me. Last summer I was the program director for 4 weeks, and I am planning on sharing that job again next summer.  It was so much fun working with families on different projects and meeting new people. I just retired this past June after 38 years of teaching elementary school. I enjoy traveling, but Kingswood is where I go to relax and recharge. Even when I’m working there, I find a quiet place to just be.”

Nelvie Howard is the person behind the increased presence of Kingswood on social media. Nelvie is providing information, inspiration and humor daily.  Give Nelvie a shout out by liking her post on Facebook or Instagram. Be sure to click on the daily stories for inspiration, information and/or a chuckle.

From Nelvie, “In 2009 my son was invited to Kingwood by a family friend. Our boys are best friends and we thought together it would be a good experience for them. After the first night of him being there my husband I decided to drive up there just to check on him to make sure he was fine. The first thing that struck us was just how friendly everyone was. My husband commented “wow…everyone here is so nice”. He had never experienced people being so nice without a hidden agenda. Our friends were staying at Cove and as we drove up to the site we were amazed at the setup of the camp and the beauty surrounding the individual sites. When I first visited Oasis, I knew I would be back, I loved that the bathrooms were clean and that the water was super-hot (lol). Kingwood was not our first experience camping but it was the first time we truly enjoyed camping. Some of our favorite things to do at Kingswood is to volunteer at Stony Ministry, hiking, Sunday service and relaxing at the lake. Our boys are now young men (20 & 21) and they still enjoy all the things they did as kids at Kingswood.

Over the years we have invited family and friends to come with us and now when we visit, we sometimes have most of the sites booked. I love seeing that look in the faces of the newbies, it’s the same look I remember we had the first time we visited. Kingswood is our happy place, our home away from home and we will continue to share its beauty.”

The person in charge of reservations for 2022 is Dale Meck. Dale is in the process of learning more about the online reservation system, so she can answer your question and make changes ​​as needed to reservations. Dale is looking forward to joining the admin team and connecting with other Kingswood friends, both old and new!  

From Dale, “My family and I first started camping at Kingswood about 25 years ago when our children were young. As our family needs changed, so did our camping style.  We went from a tent, to a pop-up, to an RV, to an equipped site. We have camped with the family dogs, brought along aging friends, and one summer we brought our 2 French exchange students to share the joys and adventures of camping with us. 

A few years ago, I had the privilege of helping to design the labyrinth at Kingswood.  I have walked it during various seasons of my life, and am always moved to experience the presence of God in a new way.  I especially enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the lake, and most afternoons you can find me swimming out to the dock, or sitting on the beach just taking it all in. I also enjoy an evening stroll along the water‘s edge in hopes of catching a beaver munching his dinner nearby.  Most recently, after experiencing several losses in my life, I went to Kingswood for a few days to find peace and healing and serenity.  As I had hoped, God met me there.” 

Rachel Bortin takes on projects as assigned to support the camp.  She updated all of our databases this fall. Most importantly Rachel is  in charge of youth programming. Look for information in this newsletter for more about the upcoming youth retreat she is leading in February.

From Rachel, “I have been going to Kingswood my entire life. I started going as a baby with my family and later attended the Woodsmoke program. Woodsmoke was a one/two week sleep away camp for youth grades 5th-12th. Through that program I built a variety of things at Kingswood that you see today including the playground and The Pines kitchen shelter! I later worked at Woodsmoke as a counselor and then went on to work as Program Director for Kingswood. Kingswood holds a very special place in my heart and I have met my closet friends there. It has had a huge influence on my personal, spiritual, and professional life. Due to the impact Kingswood has had on me, I attained a Master’s degree in outdoor and environmental education. I am honored and excited to bring back youth programming to Kingswood!