Our New Administrator

Welcome to Rachael Skuggevik!

Hi everyone, I’m Rachael and was thrilled to become a part of the Kingswood Family!

For the past 20 years my family has had our annual summer vacation at Kingswood and when anyone even mentions a different vacation, we quickly reject the idea as Kingswood has become a part of who we are.  I remember learning how to properly make a campfire, trying to find the biggest piece of wood I could carry, and trying to skip out on doing the dishes after a family dinner.

Kingswood is a time when my family and I aren’t distracted by any of the outside world or technology.  It’s a time where we laugh so hard we can’t breathe and are crying.  It’s all the inside jokes we have about sing offs by the fire or someone being afraid of a twig snapping on their first camping trip because it was obviously a bear.  Kingswood is not having a bedtime and being able to stay up late with my dad and learning about the world.  It’s waking up and sitting by the lake with my mom chatting about whatever was on my mind.  It’s racing my brothers and cousins down the jungle pass, just to trip and fall in mud after it rained!  It’s memories I can’t write down because without all the laughter and hand gestures I want to make it won’t make as sense to you reading it!!

Kingswood was always my chance to reset from the world and reconnect with my family.  Working in the hospitality industry and then transitioning into sales and marketing, it was always my job to make sure guests had vacations they would always remember and clients would leave customers with a positive experience.  Kingswood gave me all of that while giving me the opportunity to create my own memories.  I can’t wait to help other families reconnect and hopefully make Kingswood a tradition of their own!

If anyone has any questions or wants to say hi, I’m responding to e-mails sent to  kwadministrator@nyac.com .

Talk soon,