Woodsmoke Mission

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Woodsmoke as a program aspires to and encourages the following in campers and staff:

1) The Development of Life Values – Woodsmoke helps campers learn to live and work together in a community. Counselors and staff members promote the development of qualities such as honesty, integrity, responsibility, and empathy. Campers gain life skills such as conflict resolution, consensus building, choice and sharing, and listening.

2) The Exploration and Strengthening of Spirituality – Kingswood is a tranquil place removed from modern distractions- an ideal setting for the exploration and strengthening spirituality. Camp groups discuss and consider multiple spiritual viewpoints with counselors and clergy, gaining an understanding of different religious viewpoints while strengthening their own faiths. All viewpoints, traditional or not, are welcomed and accepted.

3) The Development of Outdoor Skills – Skills campers learn may include camp-craft, healthy and balanced cooking, swimming, boating and canoeing, and natural history.

4) Involvement and Understanding of Environmental Stewardship – Campers become environmental stewards, engaging in conservation activities that benefit local wildlife populations. Through these activities, campers gain an understanding of the value of caring for life in all forms, as well as the connectivity and diversity of nature.

5) A Focus on Service and Outreach – During the week, campers participate in service projects that help make Kingswood a better place. These projects teach multiple skills such as project design, implementation and management, carpentry, and outreach to the larger camp and church community.

And of course, while all the above goals are aspired to, perhaps the most important aspect of camp is having fun and making friendships that may last a lifetime!

Download the Woodsmoke Mission Statement (PDF)