Kingswood Campsite

Kingswood Campsite

Rates & Reservations

The above listed rates have been established for the 2018 camping season which runs from June 22nd through September 3rd.

Week Long Reservations – Will start being accepted on January 2nd, 2018. Mark your calendar!

Reservations for less than a Week – Will not be accepted until March 15th, 2018. (Please be patient!)

Reservation Notes:

***Online payment is required in order for the reservation to be approved in the system and for Kingswood to hold the campsite for you.


Please contact Holly Moore at: You may also give Holly a call at: 845-702-5766.

Cancellation Policy

The unique nature of Kingswood , limited number of equipped campsites, and our short summer schedule require that we apply a cancellation policy. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Our primary resource for operating expenses comes from our camping fees. If income is lost because of a short notice cancellation, we may not be able to reserve the site again for those cancelled dates.

Special Note about Reserving the Pines:

As you may be aware, “The Pines” is our unique camp site that was designed for campers with mobility issues or to accommodate campers who require a CPAP machine to facilitate breathing at night. Because of this, online reservations are disabled until May 16th. If you meet the requirements to reserve “The Pines”,  you may make a reservation by contacting Holly Moore at or 845-702-5766 from January 2nd to May 15. Unrestricted online reservations for “The Pines” will start on May 16th. Electricity will only be made available to campers with special needs such as previously described. If you have any questions, please contact Holly Moore.

Other Reservation Notes:

  1. An Equipped Site is outfitted for a maximum of 6 people. Up to four additional campers are welcome but they must sleep in their own tents. Each additional camper will be charged $10/day. The maximum number of campers permitted per campsite is 10. Tent & Trailer and Spruce sites are designed for one tent, or one small trailer, with up to 6 campers. Each additional camper, up to a maximum of 2, will be charged $10/day each. The maximum number of campers permitted per campsite is 8.
  2. A two vehicle limit per campsite has been imposed. This helps to reduce soil erosion and prevents high traffic rut damage on soft soil. Additional parking is available in the lot by the farmhouse and up near Eagle Field.
  3. Check-in time is 3 p.m. You may arrive early and use our facilities but please do not go up to your campsite until after 3 p.m.
  4. Check-out time is 1 p.m. Your site must be vacant by this time to allow the manager time to turn over your site for the next campers. You are welcome to stay and use the facilities but please remove all of your personal belongings from your campsite. Please leave the campsite in the condition you found it!

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