Use this map to explore Kingswood!

Cove (left)
This site is the second closest campsite to the Oasis.
Cove (right)
Cove (right) is at the top of the hill on the road going up from the lake.
Deer Trails
For the camper who needs to be close to hot running water, a flushing toilet, and a shower, this is the site for you.
Eagle I
Eagle 1 is at the far outreaches of the equipped sites. It is also close to the Stone Ministry.
Eagle II
Eagle II is our most isolated site, far from the hustle and bustle and surrounded by the beauty of nature.
Hogan (left)
Find peace and quiet at Hogan (left) with a tent near the road and a dining area deeper in.
Hogan (right)
At Hogan, you are at the outer reaches of civilization. If you want some peace and quite, look no further.
Maples (left)
With a name like Maples, you would expect to be surrounded by maple trees, right?
Maples (right)
Maples (right) is across from Maples (left) which is just up the hill from the Oasis.
Orchard (by the road)
Orchard (by the road) is the other side of Orchard that has room to romp!
Orchard (over the wall)
Orchard (over the wall) has a large common field with a fire pit that is shared with its' neighbor Orchard (by the road).
Overlook (far)
Do you love an awesome view? If you do, Overlook (far) is the site for you.
Overlook (near)
Overlook (near) is close to the oasis, has room to spread out a bit, and has a super view.
Spruce I
Spruce I has a raised wood platform for your tent, a picnic table, and a covered cooking area.
Spruce II
Spruce II has a raised platform for your tent, a picnic table, and a covered cooking area.
Tamarack is easy walking distance to boating, crafts, the outdoor chapel, the swim area, and the lake camp fire area.
The Pines (Access-Friendly Site)
The Pines is our access-friendly site for folks with physical limitations.