Kingswood Campsite

Kingswood Campsite

The Pines (Access-Friendly Site)

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The Pines is the name of our newest campsite at Kingswood. Its name has evolved as the site has evolved. It started as the limited mobility site, and then became known as the access friendly site before the final name was selected. “The Pines” is a name that makes this site blend in with our other site names like Orchard, Tamarack and Maples, yet it is important to make known how different this site is from the other sites.

This special site was the idea of a volunteer, Geri Mariano. Geri loves Kingswood, but she has limited mobility and would require a site that is a little more access friendly in order to fully enjoy what Kingswood has to offer. Her dream was for Kingswood to someday have a campsite that would allow more folks to be able to enjoy camping for the first time or to be able to continue camping after a decline in their mobility. That day is now!

If you have had knee surgery, a hip replaced, walk with a cane or walker, had back surgery, or anything else that affects your ability to walk on uneven surfaces or for long distances, The Pines may be just what the doctor ordered! Maybe your health is in tip top shape, but you have a relative who may not be as mobile as they used to be. This site may be perfect. Please help spread the word.

Note: Electricity is available upon request for special needs medical equipment.