Volunteer Spotlight: Dave and Phyllis Moore

Dave grew up coming to Kingswood and was a young volunteer.  He was four years old when he rode in an outhouse in the pouring rain for its grand installation.  Phyllis, a Hancock native, began camping here in 1978 when she married Dave.  They share a favorite spot, Far Overlook, but Phyllis notes the trees are getting tall and the view of the Farmhouse is no longer unobstructed.  For Phyllis, it’s now the view from the dam looking down to the pond. They both love the calmness and peacefulness found around camp and sharing the traditions with the next generation. 

The Moores are part of an extended family connected to Kingswood that have held gatherings here over the years. Dave’s favorite memory was bringing his family to a family reunion when his kids were young. Before the pavilion was built, the extended family camped at Tent & Trailer around a field. Kids would roll out of bed, unzip the tent and find their cousins and play on the ball field where the pavilion now stands. Last summer the family came together again at Kingswood to celebrate the life of Dave’s cousin, Peter Swords. They held a service at Stone Ministry and gathered at Tent and Trailer to share a meal.

Phyllis’s favorite memory was last summer when her twin granddaughters chose Kingswood as their birthday venue over all the many options. Phyllis, her daughter-in-law, the two granddaughters and the girls’ two friends came for a few days. She watched the four girls become more independent as they cooked, hiked and did crafts. Her granddaughters shared part of their family history with their friends.  The girls joined their grandparents for part of the week they managed.

The new bathrooms in the barn are one of many projects Dave has taken on at camp.  He is constantly using his woodworking skills to fix outhouses, chairs, and tables. Phyllis keeps the barn as clean as one can keep a barn. She is great at making everyone feel welcome at Kingswood.

The Moores volunteer because the camp is near and dear to their hearts and to encourage other people to keep it going.  It is one of the several places where they volunteer to give back.

Thank you Dave and Phyllis for your part in building and maintaining Kingswood, the property and the community.