Volunteer Opportunities at Kingswood

Kingswood is run on volunteers. There are several ways in which you can volunteer. Watch this website, Kingswords and your email for sign ups. If you have any questions or a talent to share with the Kingswood community, reach out to kwadministrator@nyac.com or text ‪(607) 301-0640‬.

Setup Weekend

Every Memorial Day Weekend volunteers begin arriving on Friday night to set up tents and prepare all parts of camp for the upcoming season. There are tasks for families, teens, and adults all ages. Meals are included from Saturday breakfast through Monday lunch. Every participant receives the annual T-shirt as a thank you.

Senior Weeks

There are two every year. The first is in June just before camp opens, and the other follows the close of camp on Labor Day. The volunteers are mostly retirees, but any adult who is able to help is welcome. The June volunteers put out the chuck boxes, stoves and prep the sites for the opening. In September the crew brings in everything from the sites and cleans it for the next season. Meals are included.

Men’s Work Weekends

There is a spring and fall men’s work weekend where the wood for the next season gets split and many repairs are made around the camp. Meals are provided.


This is the perfect way to introduce teens to volunteer work. The trailblazing weekend is in June. The trails are walked, cleared and re-blazed. Meals are provided.

Take Down Weekend

The weekend after camp closes is when all the tents come down and the equipment is stored in the barn. People begin to arrive on Friday night and the work begins on Saturday morning after breakfast. Meals are provided.

Learn More About the History of Volunteering at Kingswood

The third ministry at Kingswood with Holly Moore and Dave Taylor.