Top 10 Reasons to Take Kids (& Friends) Camping

  1. Campers develop new skills which result in an increase in confidence, and improved self-esteem. Campers start a campfire, take a turn at fishing, set up a tent, find wood for the fire and follow trails.  
  2. Family connections are made. A traditional family vacation involves adults making decisions and kids following along. In contrast, camping allows for children to participate in all activities, helping prepare meals (no worry about a spill), setting up the campsite ( no worry about something getting broken – except a stick). Doing these activities together while not stressed by time constraints allows positive family bonds to grow. 
  3. Campers connect with nature and develop a respect for nature. In catching efts, learning to identify blackberries, watching nesting fish, listening to owls, discovering a beaver lodge, and finding constellations, a respect for the natural world develops. Along with these experiences come infinite educational opportunities.  
  4. Exploring, building creativity, and fostering independence. The unstructured days of camping results in exploring around the campsite by the youngest campers creating pretend scenarios, and discovering you can do more on your own than you ever thought possible. There are no $200 Disney princess makeovers but with a little imagination wildflowers become a crown, add some fern wings and a stick wand – ta-da! You have a woodland fairy. 
  5. Build resilience, solve problems and overcome challenges. Nature is sure to disrupt your attempt at plans but with these disruptions comes the ability to solve problems, overcome challenges and build resilience. Developing these skills as a family makes for powerful relationship building. 
  6. Learn that less in terms of stuff and expenses can be more in terms of memorable experiences. Everything worth doing in life does not have to be expensive. Bring your sleeping gear, clothes and food and everything else is included in your Kingswood reservation; camping made easy.  
  7. Camping fosters a lifetime of physical activity. If you grow up enjoying camping, hiking, and fishing you want to stay in shape so you can continue these pursuits. This is a great motivator for your daily exercises.  
  8. Camping instills a sense of adventure and creates the idea that it is safe for others to pursue their own adventures. If fear of the unknown won’t stop you from going to new places and trying new things, then most likely it won’t stop your kids either. 
  9. Reduces stress and arouses the senses. Camping, though it can be stressful at times, it certainly arouses all of your senses and in doing so stimulates your neurons and results in a calmer and more alert you. 
  10. Provides an unplugged environment. If you find yourself having to limit screen time for yourself or the kids, give everybody a break by leaving electronic devices at home or at least in the car while camping. It is good for everyone to know that you can take a break from social media and be okay. Remember to let your friends know you are doing it, so they don’t worry when you don’t reply!