Social Media Blitz Weekend 2019

Written by Kingswood volunteer Lynn Grainger

Kingswood is covered in snow and ice, and I’m staying in the warm farmhouse with short ventures out for a breath of fresh air. This is the second time I’ve been part of the Media Blitz weekend, and it’s been highly productive.

Holly Moore and Kelly Pfeister facilitated the work to create about 200 Facebook posts for the upcoming year last weekend. Kelly provided her expertise from North Carolina to the eight on-site participants through videos and Zoom video conferences.  One of the perks that comes with this weekend work is Carol Stidworthy’s home-cooked delicious meals. It’s a time to renew friendships and to make new Kingswood friends too.

Usually when I come to Kingswood it’s time to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. I do lots of sitting and reflecting, reading and hiking. Like most people I check my mail using the Internet at the barn, however I strive to be more unplugged. But here I sit all weekend in the farmhouse with my computer on my lap, writing, revising and sharing to Google Drive posts to be used later to entice people through their social media sites to leave their harried, stressed world to visit God’s creation at Kingswood. It feels a bit odd to me, but I’m grateful for this volunteer opportunity to support the place I love. Be sure to follow the Facebook page for a variety of posts featuring the best of Kingswood. Be sure to like the Kingswood Campsite page and share the posts you like on your page to make Kingswood more visible to a larger community.