Summer Programming Plans

It’s planning time for summer programs.  There are a few things we will need to provide campers with creative opportunities.  Please see what you can contribute. You can bring the items on SetUp Weekend or early in the camping season.  If you have any questions, reach out to Lynn Grainger at (607) 301-0640‬.

Supplies Needed

Changes for 2022

Next summer we ill have a sign up for the Monday morning program On Site Insight.  We want to be sure we have enough food ready for the group. Since many families are coming in on Sunday night and that first night can be tough, we’re moving that program to 10:30.  If you’re running a little late, please still come to learn some interesting cooking strategies and recipes.  The program director will be there until 11:00 as long as someone has signed up.  You’ll be done by 1:00 to be ready to go swimming.

We will be adding pre-cut parchment paper squares for the pie irons and liners for the Dutch Oven to the camp store. A couple of recipes will be included in your purchase.  You can try out what you learn in On Site Insight right away.

On Friday night we are having just one program, vespers.  People are welcome to gather in the barn before the hayride up to Stone Ministry. The store will be open for 45 minutes before the hayride leaves for vespers. The program director will be available in the barn to answer your questions and to loan equipment.

Rocks to Paint 

Kingswood Rocks continues on, but unfortunately people are using the rocks from the foundation of the craft area.  We are seeking volunteers to gather rocks for this independent art project that so many campers enjoy. If you have a source for river rocks or other smooth rocks, consider collecting some and bringing them to camp. Contact Lynn Grainger if you’re planning on bringing some rocks. A table will be set aside under the craft area pavilion specifically for rock painting. A kit will be in the cupboard that will have all you need to create inspirational rocks throughout your stay

Art Materials

If there is a certain art material you’ve used during your time at Kingswood, please let me know.  We want to have all that your creativity needs to express yourself.

Keep in touch with us to learn the details of the 2022 programs in the next Kingsword and on our social media pages beginning on the first day of spring.