Nelvie, the Woman Behind the Posts

Nelvie Howard composes the posts on Instagram and Facebook. Daily Nelvie posts stories about Kingswood that appear on both platforms. These inspirational messages and memories exist for 24 hours.  The posts to the feed are created three times per week and can be viewed at your convenience.  Weekly the Friday post focuses on a volunteer. If you haven’t followed us, yet please do and enjoy the work Nelvie does. Nelvie is passionate about telling the Kingswood story through photos and text.

Nelvie and her husband, James, and children  first came to Kingswood when  their son, CJ, was invited to camp with Stephanie Millien and her boys. Not quite able to let him go that far away, they decided to tag along. They’ve been coming ever since, enjoying the peaceful sites in upper camp. It’s a dramatic change from their home on Long Island.

Nelvie, James, CJ and Alyssa  camp with perks.  Their beds are covered with mosquito nets, and there are mats on the floor..  Their tent and shelter are lit with battery operated string lights.  The meals are gourmet. They enjoy movies projected from a phone onto a screen fashioned from a sheet hung from the shelter. The food is abundant. Games, food and fun last well into the night.

James and Alyssa have helped out as lifeguards.  Nelvie completed the other part of the job, cleaning the Oasis.  Nelvie found that job rewarding, especially when done late at night when the rest of the camp was asleep. CJ has brought along a group of friends to enjoy the camping life.

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