Message from the Director

by Cheryl Winship

Kingswood – A beautiful natural setting that is an ideal place for new campers to try camping.

Advertising experts say that word of mouth from happy customers is the best form of advertising. Kingswood campers have been doing this for years. You tell friends and acquaintances, church members and neighbors about this place that you love to camp called Kingswood.  You invite friends to camp with you and show them how to cook over an open fire, take them to your favorite programs, lead them on hikes and show them places to see the stars or pick berries. They return to camp with you again or even graduate to camping on their own.  This legacy of campers mentoring “newbie” campers has been going on since the camp opened. 

Summer 2022 will see this happen as a formal program offered to all “newbies.”  We want to make camping accessible to all. All including those who do not view themselves as campers, those who have never been camping, those who know no one who camps but for some reason it interests them.  These folks will likely have fears, reservations and lots of questions.  Our experienced campers are being asked to offer to mentor a “newbie.”  If you are interested in sharing your enthusiasm for camping and love of Kingswood, please sign up to answer questions and help a new camper feel comfortable before ever arriving at Kingswood. Or sign-up to mentor a ‘newbie” while you are camping.  You can show them how to light a campfire, how to use the kitchen efficiently, give them a tour of camp, and make them feel welcome into the community.



When I said our vision is that all who want to camp will be able to have the camping experience, I mean even those who cannot afford to buy equipment or pay for an equipped site.  We are offering financial assistance to encourage families to get the R&R, fresh air, and adventure that they need, especially after the last two years of isolation and limited experiences. If you know someone who you think would enjoy a stay at Kingswood, please talk to them and encourage them to apply for financial assistance. The Kingswood volunteers look forward to welcoming back all of our loyal campers, as well as the “newbies” who bravely try camping for the first time, and those who have camped elsewhere but are interested in trying this new place called Kingswood.


Want to help Kingswood welcome new campers? Here’s how you can help.