Message from Our Director: Cheryl Winship

Cheryl helping a camper identify netted creatures.

Summer 2022 Shout Outs

2022 was a wonderful camping season. There are many things for which I am thankful. The weather cooperated and provided all of us with many warm, dry, sunny days. A big shout-out to all of you campers who returned despite the very rainy summer of 2021. This summer, early campers enjoyed successful bass fishing; later season campers enjoyed the high bush blueberries and monarch butterflies. Everyone was able to enjoy swimming in Hathaway Pond. That reminds me to say thanks to our volunteers who stepped in and took a week or two as the beach attendant. A big shout out to the Minton family for filling in all of August!  

Speaking of shout outs and wonderful summer happenings. I would like to shout out to all of our Stone Ministry volunteers who pitched in to keep Stone Ministry going after Peter Seirup’s medical condition left him with minimal movement on one side.  A big shout out to Peter for fighting through rehabilitation and simultaneously coordinating the efforts at Stone Ministry, though he did get reprimanded by his doctor for doing too much. The most wonderful part is that Peter’s efforts and God’s hand combined and resulted in Peter being present at camp for Labor Day weekend, and he was back to running a Fall Stone Ministry volunteer weekend that saw him recovered and feeling victorious after the harrowing start to his summer.

Another shout out goes to a person you likely encountered this summer or during the reservation process – Lynn Grainger. She is our Administrator and the Program Director. She coordinated the programs and was behind the scenes even if she was not the PD the week you were in camp. Maria Pia, Peter’s wife and our camp chaplain, was home helping Peter. So, Lynn stepped in and coordinated coverage for most of the programs Maria-Pia had planned. If you enjoyed a vespers service or a Sunday worship, you can thank Lynn for arranging the coverage for these programs to happen. 

So, with Fall comes many thankful thoughts, and anticipation for seeing everyone in 2023!