Kingswood RV Update 

by Peter Seirup 

This summer will mark 12 years since the first two RV sites at the top of the cornfield became occupied by Jack and Dotty Seirup and their son Andrew.  

The camp originally sought approval from the NYS department of health for 10 sites. The two sites that we built were a pilot program. They were site numbers six and seven in the master plan. 

But in order to get certificates of occupancy from the NYSDOH for those two sites we had to build a dumping station down at the bottom of the hill which, of course, we did at that time  

Over the years we built sites numbers three and four and later number five as the interest in RV camping at Kingswood began to slowly catch on. Last year was the first year we actually had to turn someone down because there wasn’t an open site for the particular weekend in question. 

And so that is why we intend to finish up site number one, at the bottom  of the hill, for availability this summer. 

RV sites are rented at the same price as equipped tent sites but are also available for $1600 for the entire season. The sites are beautifully situated and laid out.  They come with 30 amp 120 V electrical hook ups and water hook ups. The dumping station is available for the RVs, and,  of course all the wonderful programs and facilities at our camp are also available to RV campers. 

The investments into the RV campground have been paid off over the years by the rental fees  and RV camping remains a significant contributor to camp revenues. 

We are actively planning sites 8, 9, and 10 up on the hill further north overlooking the cornfield and the valley.  Those will be prime sites which are already being eyed by certain Kingswood people for seasonal use.