Fun at Hathaway Pond

There’s so much to do in, around, and on Hathaway Pond!


Daily from 1 pm-5 pm
Cool off in the afternoon with a dip in refreshing Hathaway Pond.  While on the beach, visit with family, make new friends, catch up on that new novel, or take a catnap.

Please swim only in the swim area and when a lifeguard is on duty.  Anyone under 18 years of age is required to take a swim test in order to go into the deep area.  Please, no dogs or food in the swim area or between the chairs and the water.  You may picnic at the tables by the craft area up the hill from the beach.


Just up the hill from the beach is our kid-friendly playground.  Born from the vision of a Kingswood family camper and presented to the Kingswood Site Committee, the Kingswood playground has been a labor of love built by Woodsmoke campers. The materials for the playground were graciously donated by members of the Kingswood community.  We ask that children be supervised by an adult.

Boating and Fishing

Enjoy being on Hathaway Pond.  Row boats, canoes, and kayaks are provided free of charge and are available from 7 am-8 pm. Each person must wear a lifejacket.  For rowboats, there must be one person over 12 years old in each boat.  For canoes and kayaks, boaters must be over 14 years old.

Fishing is good at Kingswood.  How about a freshly fried fish for breakfast?

Hike the Lake Trail

Follow the red trail marks around the pond for a good look at beaver lodges, dams, and chewing. This is a great family hike.  See hikes for more information!

Prayer Trail

Give yourself the gift of some quiet time away by walking the Prayer Trail.  This meditative activity starts just past the swim area and coincides with the beginning of the Red Trail.  The short trail has suggested devotional activities and many beautiful places to stop and reflect.

Outdoor Chapel

The Chapel by the pond is a special place of natural beauty where we gather to contemplate God’s presence in our lives and to worship and praise God.  At 7 am greet the new day by coming to Morning Watch.  Sunday services are held here at 10 am.  The cupboard at the outdoor chapel has devotional books, and Bibles for you to enjoy.

Sports Area

Feel like playing a game at the beach?  The mailbox and decorated can at the swim area contain a volleyball, a kickball, badminton rackets, whiffle ball and bat, frisbees, and plastic horseshoes for use in the sports area by the volleyball net.

Craft Area

Just up hill from the beach, the Craft Area is open 24-7.  Come whenever you want to use various craft supplies to create … a mobile, God’s Eyes, painted rocks, a pipe cleaner sculpture, a journal in which to record your Kingswood experiences, pressed flowers and ferns, pictures, collages … whatever you can imagine!  The Craft Area has a covered picnic area, a water spigot, and the well-stocked craft cabinet.  Please follow the posted directions and clean up when you are finished.

Program Director-led craft programs are held here on Thursday and Saturday mornings at 10.


While you’re at the beach, come explore the inside of the teepee which is just up the hill.  Come back on Saturday evening for our campfire where campers sing, play games, tell stories, and make s’mores.