by Cheryl Winship, director

Diversity equals stability. This is something I learned in my college ecology classes. The lesson was repeated in a graduate level community planning course. Diversity of species results in stability in ecosystems. Diversity of occupations results in stability of communities. Diversity of ideas, backgrounds, perspectives and, yes, politics results in stability of humanity. The diversity at Kingswood is something I am proud of.

We – the campers and volunteers – are a diverse group of people ranging from urban dwellers to rural inhabitants, independents to socialists, from far right politics to far left, children to folks in their 80’s. Yet, we work together, tolerate others’ opinions, and with that attitude build relationships and understanding. Based on what we see in the media you would think this was not possible. You would think that there was no middle, but we find it – we live it. 

We find strength in conversation with others who differ from us. How is our country going to find compromise if we cannot visit with and listen to those with differing views, looks, and perspectives? Kingswood is intentional in its encouragement of each person being valued, and we welcome the unique contributions that you bring in terms of education, opinions, culture, age, race, spiritual belief, ability, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. Last summer we welcomed campers who were Hindu, Muslim, Jewish and Christian, as well as atheist. They came from Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Germany.  The campers ranged in age from a few months to 93 years of age. Gay and trans campers that have told their story have found acceptance. Some campers needed a stroller, others a walker or cane. Black, brown, and white families and friends camp together. This summer for the first time we look forward to welcoming a camper in a wheelchair. We look forward to welcoming you!