Our New Administrator

Welcome to Lynn Grainger

Hi everyone, I’m Lynn and I’m excited to be the new administrator at Kingswood.

For the past 6 years I’ve been coming to Kingswood.  It all began with Welding Camp. I have brought friends and family along to experience the beauty and fun of Kingswood.

Each year I have become a bit more involved, first with set up and take down weekends.  I worked the media blitz weekends. Last summer I was program director for 4 weeks. Since retiring from teaching full-time, I have decided to use my time to make Kingswood summers memorable and fun for others.

My times at Kingswood over the past several years were crucial to rest and reset of priorities.  I hope to facilitate family fun and relaxation for others.

If anyone has any questions , I’m responding to e-mails sent to  kwadministrator@nyac.com .

See you at camp,