Camper Spotlight: The PINTO Beans

An Interview with the Pinto Family, July, 2022,
written by Terri Hein

“I’m losing my mind, one child at a time, but I still bring them to KINGSWOOD !!! “ James Pinto. 

The Pinto Family learned about Kingswood by google searching family campsites. They had camped at some state campgrounds, but when they found out about Kingswood, they knew this was it! The “boys” started coming to Kingswood five years ago. Dad, Luke, Elijah and David rented Hogan for the first time in 2017. Since then Dad brings a chicken dish to EVERY Tuesday Pot-luck that they’re in camp. 

I invited the family down to the barn to talk with them about their experience at Kingswood.  We sat and chatted about what each of them enjoyed most about their time camping. This year, July, 2022, was the first time that the ENTIRE Pinto family was able to come to Kingswood.  James was happy to have his wife and all eight children together. James says he really enjoys how safe the campground is.  The layout is familiar and all the kids love being able to walk/run to all activities and events. They enjoy all of the programs that are available each day, especially the crafts and the food program with Miss Lynn. The family enjoys playing badminton and swimming every day at the pond.  Hiking some of the trails is a favorite thing for Dad to enjoy. 

Luke has caught three fish. Mia has caught a turtle. Ella loves the pond and swimming. The lake is “magical” when it is raining. They are all very excited every year to spend an entire week together at Kingswood.  Luke likes to barricade the tent.  Mia and Lily like hanging at the barn, playing games and doing puzzles. Kate loves the barn and running around with NO shoes on. They all like the trails and going on hikes sometimes. The fitness trail is cool, too. David really likes meeting new people each time they come to Kingswood.  Luke likes the history of Kingswood and what Mr. Pete tells them on the hikes. They enjoy the POT-LUCK every Tuesday. They are very happy and thankful for the OASIS. All the staff are super friendly and. nice. Mia mentioned that Stone Ministry is a special place to be.  All the kids like sitting with. Erin on the beach and talking. The campsites are very organized and clean.