Camper Spotlight: Sollin Family

The Sollin family has been coming to Kingswood for the past 7 years.  Charles started camping at Kingswood in the 90’s as a third grader.  He loved it as a kid, and he wanted his children to have the same experiences as he and his siblings Chris, Kelli, and Cynthia had.  Charles wished he had started younger, so he brought his family to Kingswood when his kids were preschoolers. 

Their first trip was challenging with two-year-old Emilie and four-year-old Charles and the rain.  The kids got dirty so quickly, and Carrie kept changing them into clean dry clothes.  Before the first day was done, the kids had worn all the clothes they brought for the weekend. Carrie was in tears. The van was stuck in the mud. They called AAA to have someone pull them out when the Kingswood tractor couldn’t. The weekend went by quickly once the rain stopped.

Charles was quite surprised that after that experience Carrie agreed to a weeklong stay at Kingswood the following summer.  It has been part of their summer plans since. Carrie loves pulling into the site and breathing the fresh air. It’s so different from their Long Island home. The scene at Kingswood is breathtaking.   Charlie loves watching his family have so much fun.

Emilie, now 10, loves fishing, swimming, catching newts, hiking and cooking. Charles, 12, also loves the fishing and swimming. Family bonfires and boating also rate high for him. Both children love Stone Ministry and homemade ice cream on Tuesday nights. Gunner, the puppy, loved having space to zoom around last summer and will probably like swimming this summer as much as their other dog did. The family’s favorite program is Onsite Insight on Monday mornings. 

Charles and Charlie are both interested in the Trail Blazing weekend this June.  As a family they are willing to mentor a family just beginning to camp at Kingswood this summer through our new mentoring program.