Be a Camper

By Kate Buckridge, Kingswood Camper

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say that they would never go camping. If you never gone camping how do you know you hate it? I tried it once and now six years later, I can’t wait to go again. I bet if you went camping just once you would love it.

I’m about to tell you one reason that you might not like camping, but just please don’t stop reading. The reason is… you don’t have some electronics when you go camping. I said some electronics because you still have phones and ipads but you can’t plug a 55 inch flat screen T.V. in a tent for two. You would be surprised what you can learn, if you take a break from your electronics. You could learn more about the people around you.

Another great thing about camping is it’s healthy to go camping. You’re probably on your phone, or watching T.V. a lot, but when you go camping your eyes get a break from all those screens and you are more active.  Also when you go camping you can spend more time with friends and family, and being social is good.

I saved the reason to go camping for last and it’s because this is my favorite part of camping. It is the activities! There are so many activities to do when you go camping. If I told you about all of them I be here forever, so I’m only going to tell you about a few. They are boating, cooking, and star gazing. Boating is definitely one of my favorite activities because it is so peaceful out in the lake. When I go out it’s just me and my dad spending time together. Once I saw a teenage girl in a kayak reading because it was so peaceful. You might think that cooking is boring, but not when you make it over a fire. When you have to make a fire and cook your food you can feel independent. Don’t forget about the sky. At night when you look up you don’t really realize that there millions of stars in the sky that is probably because you can’t see them well at home. Well, when you go camping it is like the sky is lit up with millions of tiny lights.

For all of these reasons are why people saying that they would never go camping really bothers me. Remember you never know you like something until you try it.