What does Kingswood have to offer? All kinds of stuff! Besides the fabulous campsites, we also have some wonderful facilities like the barn and the oasis. Have we also mentioned the beauty of nature that envelopes Kingswood? It is all around you for your enjoyment. Kingswood also has a special program called “Stone Ministry”.

We know that your stay here will be one of your most memorable experiences ever! In a positive way, of course! If you are not completely satisfied after your stay here, check your pulse.

Around the Lake

Swimming daily from 1pm-5pm
Swim only in the swim area and when a lifeguard is on duty. Please no dogs or food in the swim area or between the chairs and the water. Anyone under 18 years of age is required to take a swim test in order to go into the deep area.

Row boats available from 7am-8pm.
Each person must wear a lifejacket and there must be one person over 12 years old in each boat.

Canoes available from 7am-8pm.
Each person must wear a lifejacket and there must be one person over 14 years old in each canoe.

Hike the Lake Trail
Follow the red trail marks around the pond for a good look at beaver lodges, dams, and chewing. Take-along cards for this self-guided nature trail are at the boat dock.

Prayer Trail
Walk on the Pond Trail (red markers) just past the swim area, then look for the green markers. This is the Prayer Trail. It is a short trail with suggested devotional activities and many beautiful places to stop and reflect.

Outdoor Chapel
The cupboard at the outdoor chapel has devotional books, Bibles, tape recorders and tapes of devotional music for you to enjoy.

Sports Area
The mailbox at the swim area contains a volleyball, a kickball, and badminton rackets for use in the sports area by the volleyball net.

Craft Area
The craft area is just up hill from the beach and contains a covered picnic area, a water spigot and the craft wagon. The craft wagon has craft supplies that you are welcome to use any time. Please follow the posted directions and clean up when you are finished.

The Barn

Sports Equipment
You can borrow kites, Frisbees, kick balls or badminton rackets for use in the barn or at your site. Just ask the Program Director. Ping pong balls and birdies are for sale at the store. We sell these items so that you will have one in good condition whenever you want throughout your stay.

Camp Cooking Gear
We have pie irons, Dutch ovens, marshmallow forks, and hand-crank ice cream makers for you to borrow. See the Program Director for instructions and recipes. Attend the Monday On-Site Insight program to learn how to use some of this equipment.

Nature Room
Learn about the animals and plants at Kingswood. You’ll find lots of information in the nature guides (there are more located in the craft wagon). The Nature Room also houses some more advanced nature books.

Library and Games
Read a book from our library or borrow one to read at your site. Look for the more advanced nature books further back in the nature room. Some fascinating nature videos and DVDs are found upstairs in the barn. Or work on a puzzle or play a game. Feel free to bring them to the beach or your campsite and then return them. Great for those rainy days.

Camp Store
You’ll find t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweat pants, toothbrushes, toothpaste, games, batteries, mantles, propane, ice cream, and soda available in the store. Look on the door for the posted hours or ask any staff member. We also sell ice (by the gallon or a bag of cubes) in the barn. Follow the directions on the door of the freezer. Wood is available for sale in the parking lot across from the farmhouse. Directions are on the rack.

Hike the trails

There are trail maps for the Kingswood site in the barn and in the binder at your site. Some trails are more strenuous than others. Ask the Program Director for more details and recommendations. The lake trail is great for wildlife;, the white and yellow trails are good for berries; the hike to the observation deck (strenuous) is good for views; and the orange trail, behind Eagle campsite, has an 1870’s foundation and a spring.

Things to do in the area

You’ll find a display in the barn with a map of Binghamton, brochures from area points of interest, and directions to the local Sunday pancake breakfast and ice cream stand.

Quiet Hours (Please!)
Kingwood Quiet Hours begin at 10pm. Please be considerate of other campers and keep your voices quiet in your campsite after 10pm. Sound travels very far in the cool of the evening and early morning hours. Thank you!!