NYAC Camping & Retreat Ministry Board of Directors Shares Inclusivity Statement

In light of the recent 2019 Special Session of General Conference, the NYAC Camping & Retreat Ministry Board of Directors would like to clearly state that we fully accept all persons identifying as LGBTQIA+ into the life, ministry, and activities of our camp, and of our sister campsite, Quinipet. Whether you are staff, camper, clergy, volunteer, or visitor, we welcome you!

As with the church, we are a work in progress and going forward we are taking steps to make our camps more inclusive settings for all people.
And please know that we are always open to suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your openness, understanding, and support of our camps.

Kingswood Campsite is a quiet, natural setting in which the development of positive, cooperative experiences are encouraged. This setting provides opportunities for community: strengthening of families, giving back through volunteering, nurturing of friendships, renewing of spirit, and growing in respect for God’s Creations.

Kingswood provides the perfect setting for several programs. Families, couples, and friends can rent one of our unique campsites anytime during the summer and hike the trails, swim and boat in the lake, or just relax!  Service events take place throughout the year and are a great opportunity for all ages to become more involved, get to know other camping community members, and give back to the camp. After all, without the Kingswood volunteer community, Kingswood would not exist! One other special program that everyone can participate in is the Stone Ministry program.

Kingswood is one of three camps owned and operated by the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and is a nonprofit organization.

Our Farmhouse is available for rentals from mid-September to late May and is a perfect setting for retreats, reunions and group and family gatherings.

Whichever way you can get to Kingswood, we are absolutely positive that you will enjoy its beauty, nature, community, and peaceful setting.