Beth Jones’ Favorite Time of the Year

It was by far my favorite moment of the entire year.  It was 1974 and somehow I had managed to fall asleep the night before, but now in the pre-dawn hours I was wide awake.  I could hear my family- my mom and dad and 4 older siblings– whispering their preparations for our week at Kingswood.  In a little while we would negotiate the station wagon and pop-up trailer out of town for the 4 hour drive to Hancock, NY.

Back then, our relationship with Kingswood began simply as an inexpensive week of camping. Little did we know that from the moment we arrived it would become so much more.

Kingswood is a place that continues to give deep and meaningful gifts to our family:  the beauty of nature, the chill of the lake, the silence of soft evenings, the unique smell of the deep wood ferns, the sight of a beaver at dusk, the adventure of the barn, the snap of a campfire and the joy of being together.

Forty years later, the tug of ‘home’ continues to reach out to our family as we still manage to find each other at Kingswood each summer. My mom and dad, my brothers and sister and now their children and their mates and friends gather from all across the country –  this year, over 20 in all from Minnesota to Kentucky to New York and Pennsylvania as we spread out over 5 equipped sites.  I am overjoyed to see the ‘next generation’ exploring, trying new things, experiencing life and finding that a break from technology can be a renewing experience!

It is impossible to tell the story that Kingswood has meant to each of us individually: a meaningful hike with a loved one, special early-morning coffee with our parents, prayerful time alone by the lake, a canoe ride with a niece or nephew, the gift of time apart from the world to remember God’s gifts.

– Beth Jones, Kingswood Camper